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Life-long Peanuts fans and professional fussbudgets Molly Lewis & Josh A. Cagan discuss and dissect the animated specials. Podcast art by Lar deSouza.

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    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – w/ Joseph Scrimshaw

    An awful child invites herself over to her weak-willed friends' house, and is upset that she is force-fed starch. Also, a dog and a chair fight to death. Joseph Scrimshaw joins us.

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    There's No Time For Love, Charlie Brown – w/ Amy Spalding & Kayla Cagan

    YA authors Kayla Cagan & Amy Spalding (& Banjo L. Cagan, silently) join us for a spirited roundtable about 1973's There's No Time For Love, Charlie Brown — a salty indictment of pop art, in which we learn about the disappointments of the public school system, as well as the theory of transitive kissing.

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    You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown

    A boy runs for student body president. A girl can't open her locker. Also, a dog wears sunglasses, and prepares himself a well-balanced breakfast (though not at the same time).

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    You're In Love, Charlie Brown

    This largely embarrassing specimen of a Charlie Brown special is redeemed by the introduction of Grown-Up Trombone Voice, the Little Red Haired Girl, & Peppermint Patty!

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    It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    Get into the Halloween spirit the only way the Peanuts gang knows how: with bags of rocks, threats of litigation, and extended sequences of a dog being shot at.

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    Charlie Brown's All-Stars

    Charlie Brown's team is the worst at baseball, and it's all Charlie Brown's fault. But will an offer of aid from yet another unseen adult turn Charlie Brown's bad luck around?? (Spoiler alert: No.) Also there's a 3-hour long sequence of Snoopy surfing.

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    A Charlie Brown Christmas

    Josh & Molly kick this podcast off with the Peanuts special that started it all.

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